Before & After Photos 2013

I absolutley love seeing the before and after pictures of our jobs! Here are a few of the pictures we have gotten this month!

PhotoFancie2013_03_08_06_08_39This picture is a before and after photo of our awesome degreaser! We sell tons of it for washing trucks, cars, concrete, parking lots, homes….Just about anything you can think of it works on!


PhotoFancie2013_04_27_19_10_30This is Red Slough. It is untraveled by anyone other than State Personnel. We are opening up this Slough and as you can see from the before picture when we started it was not a very friendly area! Note the dead brush in the after picture 1 year later! Now that’s priceless! 🙂


PhotoFancie2013_04_22_11_15_27This picture shows one of our Sticker Treatments that we did in January. As you can see the results of this application will really do wonders for your yard. I was very proud to take this before and after photo. And I must add that our customer was beyond satisfied with the results!

Dog FennelThis photo shows the Dog Fennel AKA “Texas Cedar” before and 16 hours afters our Pasture Application! For such a short time, the results are looking spectacular!

pond weedThis is a picture of a pond that we treated that had Pond Weed . As you can see, on the 6th day after the application the weeds are really burnt and it is looking much better already!






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