Pasture Spray Rig In Action! April 2013

As you know we started spraying pastures in the local Hempstead and Nevada County area. This has been quite an experience. I would name all of the types of weeds we have been killing, but there are just too many to list! Below are some pictures of our rig in action! I also inserted a link to our You Tube Video!  PASTURE RIG IN ACTION!

IMG_20130428_213000As you can see, we get lots of coverage with a pass of 40 feet! That is alot of herbicide coverage!

IMG_20130427_100557_797In this Pasture one of the main things we were after is called aka “Texas Cedar” The scientific name is actually “dog fennel”. This is pretty vicious stuff and requires being treated before it reaches a certain height in order to get a good kill! This pasture was at the  ideal height to get the job done!IMG_20130427_100618_415Here are 2 pictures I snapped on this pasture of the Texas Cedar- Dog Fennel that drives Farmers batty!IMG_20130427_100629_244



Now that you have had a brief idea of our pasture spraying, I must add this final photo. Everyone knows how tough it is to kill Thistles. Well, we treated another pasture that was covered in thistles and this is what we found 3 days later:

IMG_7617Impressive? I think so!

Hope you enjoyed this update on the Pasture Spraying! 🙂

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