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  • Pond/Lake Evaluations
  • Pond/Lake Vegetation Control
  • Pond/Lake Chemicals
  • Pond/Lake Fertiliztion Applications

If you have a pond or a lake we have your solution! We have the specialized equipment and tools to get the job done big or small.

We offer aerial services as well. Here is a picture of us in action. 425294_239295082817012_100002095663017_561006_180362850_n

Here is a pond that we treated for aquatic vegetation. This is the before picture. 521548_314815005265019_1755593943_n

And here is the same pond exactly 14 days after our treatment.  179528_315941158485737_2045096261_n Now that’s pretty amazing!

The next few pictures you will see are some of the water bodies we have treated and they will show in detail some of the different types of vegetations we treat and some of the rough terrain we go through also.Lake Bouis D ArcLake Erling522260_298025333610653_1070273014_nLake Bouis D Arc1IMG00051-20100728-1756 545698_311804908899362_1362001110_n That is some nasty vegetation! But we treated and came back 2 weeks later for the next treatment……and this is what we found!537674_311805538899299_1414831163_n

Here is George walking the pond bank….314611_175265545886633_1998420294_n314438_175266349219886_100002095663017_393441_992430640_n

And here are the final results of our treatment on these ponds. Jimmy & George work wonders together 🙂

315506_175265752553279_100002095663017_393439_1097175664_nOur Applicators are  specialized in every area of aquatics. As you can see we get results!

Pse Aquatics videos on YouTube! **PSE Shots**

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