Poultry House Pest Control

Poultry Houses are subject to a pest that can be very “pesty”.

Broiler-shed-interior1It is called the Darkling Beetle. Untreated there could easily be 2 million darkling beetles in one broiler house. That is the beginning of the problem. This pest can cause a huge problem for the Farmer’s by “stealing” thier food supply. And then you also have the chicks that will gladly eat a beetle, which then interferes with the health and feed cycle of the chick. One chick can eat up to 400 of these beetles a day, which can cause intestional problems like impaction. Here is a diagram that will explain the life cycle of the darkling beetle.beetle_life_cycle In addition to the impact the darkling beetle can have on a Poultry house, they can cause extreme damage to the wood and insulation. If you have a Poultry House, don’t feel helpless because of this problem. Call us! We can help!

We here at PSE LLC are highly specialized and offer pest control services that are very effective in poultry houses. We can safely treat these houses for the control of the darkling beetle, provide Fire Ant Protection, Rodent Control and Soil Sterilant treatments.

If you have any questions about any of our Poultry House Pest Control, please feel free to email us or call 870-887-0773

chick_2x1-748x374Below are some pictures of us in action treating a poultry house 🙂poultry1poultry4poultry5Call us or stop by today!

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