Pre-Emergent & Post-Emerge What’s The Difference You Ask?



Post Emergent & Pre Emergent ………I get asked┬áthese questions quite often. “What is the difference and which one do I need”? Well, below you will see the difference in both of these herbicides. I say why not take both? It gives you the upper hand on your lawn and with a few treatments, you will have that beautiful yard that you are so longing for………..:)


Pre-Emergent : This type of weed killer is used early in the spring, before plants really begin to grow and the weather turns warm. A pre-emergent herbicide creates a protective barrier seal around seeds, which prevents the seed from germinating and growing. In essence, the seed is suffocated and dies. Pre-emergent herbicides are used early in the growing season. They are best applied when the temperature is lower than 60 degrees and the soil is just beginning to warm.


Post-Emergent: This type of weed killer is used once the initial spring season has begun and plants have started to grow. Once a plant has started to grow it is too late to utilize the germination prevention of a pre-emergent herbicide and it is time for you to apply a post-emergent herbicide. Post-emergent herbicides usually need to be applied several times throughout the growing season. Often, a thorough final application during late fall will help prevent new weeds from growing in the spring and prevent weeds from spreading seeds.








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