New Herbicide Available! EsplAnade EZ*** You Will Be AMAZED With This ONE!



Tired of battling weeds under your tree lines and your sidewalks and your cracks? Until now there has not been a herbicide that has been safe to use under tree lines! This is an absolute breakthrough for us! Generally, you can spray a herbicide only to find out that you are spraying only a few weeks later because all of your hard work has gone the drain and all of the weeds have come back again, or you have killed that tree your wife has been babying for many years! We have good news that will keep you out of the dog house!  Quit breaking your back and spending your hard earned money and buy this one product and get awesome product that Bayer backs! PSE now proudly carries EsplAnade EZ and will ship straight to your door!

Try it today!!!

Here are some pictures of our field tests! FB_IMG_1436449942651


We have tested this product in the field an have been very impressed with it. We take pride in finding products that make it easy for our customers and save them the most money and time because in todays world, both are hard to come by!

Esplanade EZ is a more sustainable, one-and-done solution for non-selective weed control. Unwanted grasses and weeds that grow into hardscapes and bareground areas can increase risk, reduce the lifespan of infrastructure, and lead to higher labor and management costs. Bayer has developed Esplanade EZ to help municipal managers and other maintenance, parks and public works managers reduce the impact of unwanted vegetation through long-term control and infrastructure protection – saving them time, labor and budget. Esplanade EZ is ideal for use on parking lots, streets, sidewalks, curbs, gravel areas, gutters, guardrails, fences and fireplugs, as well as park paths, fence lines and mulched areas.

The longest-lasting, broad-spectrum, non-selective weed control on the market.

  • A single application provides up to six months of residual control of more than 75 grassy and broadleaf weeds
  • Delivers new herbicide technology in an easy-to-use format, pre-mixed for backpack sprayers
  • Broad spectrum, pre-emergent weed control for unwanted vegetation in bare ground areas, hardscapes, and mulched areas
  • Quickly burns down existing vegetation, delivering visible results in hours
  • Fewer applications result in reduced time and labor costs

Weeds controlled

 Broadleaf weeds: Common chickweed, wild mustard, kochia, marestail, spotted spurge, white clover, corn speedwell, curly dock, evening primrose, cutleaf, dandelion, filaree, fleabane, blackleaved, florida pusley, gromwell, yelloe, grounssel, common, hairy fleabane, henbit, horseweed/marsetail, kochia

Grassweeds: Annual bluegrass, barnyard grass, common, cheat grass, crabgrass, crabgrass large hairy, crabgrass, smooth, foxtail brome

See label for all weeds controlled by EslanAde EZ

See the product sheet below! Its pretty amazing and speaks for itself!

Esplanade Product Sheet


If you’re ready to order, give us a call, we will be glad to ship directly to you, or you can pick up locally at the store! 122 West 1st Street South Prescott Ar 71857  870-887-0773.  Send in your before and after pictures to be entered into a contest and the winners will be chosen October 31, 2015! You will be featured in our blog and our Facebook page and you will receive an awesome gift package! So get after it!!!!  July 9- October 31 2015

Email entries to or 🙂 Attention Tanya

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