PSE Star City Fleet Truck….Trip To St Louis MO!

In my last post I announced that we are expanding to Star City Arkansas. We are adding a new Rig for this adventure. It had to meet certain specs, and being there were only 2 available worldwide, we had to make a run for it. I must say, I don’t know how the guys drove as far as they did without any weight on the truck, because it is like riding in a Big Mac Truck! Lol! I never realized how bumpy a vehicle can be without the proper weight distribution. It’s a rough ride for now….LOL!!

Our Logo’s have been added and the PLT Hopper is in the process of production as I speak. I will post the pictures as soon as we get it assembled!┬áHere are the pics of the trip! The guys were going to see the St. Louis Arch but it was under maintenance so they missed that adventure. In some of the pics, they were able to capture iot in the background though.

Enjoy, stay tuned and watch us GROW……………………..




IMG_3146IMG_3178IMG953176IMG_3181IMG_3182IMG_3179FullSizeRender_11IMG_3156_2IMG_3160_2Stay tuned for more updates as we add the hopper and spray equipment!



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