The New PSE PLT Rig In The Making @ Newton Crouch In Georgia!!

IMG_3586_2IMG_3583IMG_20151013_132454306_2Well it has been a process and a little while since I posted last. We have been some busy beavers here at PSE! WE have covered many miles preparing for Star City Arkansas! As you know we traveled to St. Louis Missouri to pick up the new truck. That was all in my last post . This trip was to get the Hopper designed for the new truck! The guys traveled all the way to Griffin, Georgia to  Newton Crouch that designs the spreader of choice! These guys are absolutely amazing with what they do! They were very thorough and very precise with everything that they did. The hospitality they showed was very outstanding. The entire trip was pretty awesome and I hope y’all enjoy the photos that I have put together for you to see!

Just in case you haven’t heard of Newton Crouch, let me fill you in before I get started because they are pretty amazing in what they do!

NCI has manufactured over 15,000 units and currently the second largest supplier of truck mounted spreaders in the United States.   In addition to equipment, NCI has a Parts Department which carries over six thousand items specifically for agricultural equipment. Today, NCI manufactures a wide range of equipment for a large number of specialty crops such as sugar cane, cotton, citrus groves, forestry, tomatoes, wheat and even food plots. The NCI product line includes a broad range of liquid sprayers and applicators as well as dry fertilizer/lime spreaders.  Our equipment can be mounted on a chassis, pull-type, or 3-point hitch. Ingenuity and versatility have kept NCI growing. As the market demands change, NCI has helped in revolutionizing the orange grove spreaders and citrus market. You can find all this info on their website at

The hospitality presented at Newton Crouch was absolutely superb! Todays day and age, it becomes fewer and far between to find great customer service, quality work, and compassion to the cuatomer. The work area was just top notch! We were just impressed! If ever you are in the market to have a rig built for you, DON”T shop around, I am telling you NEWTON CROUCH is where you want to be! They went above and beyond to take care of us and we were absolutely 150% satisfied with what they did for us! Our rig went from the bumpiest, roughest ride in history to the best CADILAC in town that will allow us to give our Growers the best of the best service! And here at PSE, We don’t want anything less! The gears inside of it, you almost feel like the Knight Rider! Lol!

Go over to Newton Crouch and check out there website, show them some love and let them know that PSE sent you over!

Yall Have a great day! And stay tuned, I have another post ill be making that is absolutely breathtaking from out trip tp Newton that involves lots of color and is just amazing beauty!!!!

Now lets get started with the creation of the PLT HOPPER……………………………………..ARE you READY?

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Stay tuned! There is so much more to come! I will give you a hint! It involves the University of Georgia and lots of beautiful color! I will be posting that one here shortly as soon as I can!

I also would like to take a minute to thank all of our new fans and registers! It means a lot to us that yall are keeping up with us! And thank you so mich for your awesome feedback, it helps me to improve the website and add more of what yall want to see! I will try to keep it as interesting as possible! Yall have a great day!

Tanya 🙂

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