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  pasado simpleI went to paris. 
You played football 
you studied inglish 
she cut the hair 
he forgot the movilphone
Emma found two pounds
Luis lost their book 
Robert won a price
Aaron hurt their hand
I had an illnesses
My father drove me to the scool 
Elena had four years one year ago 
i swam in the swimming pool 
you was a bad people
my teacher was ugly 
my mother was ****
Elsa wrote a big book called lolo
My parrot saiyed hello
This car made in 1923
wiwi came out
You broke my chair 
Espero que te sirvan : mira tienes que inventarte una frase asi haber : puedes poner you , she , he , they , we .o un nombre por ejemplo Maria luego un verbo terminado en ed si es regular hay algunas que son irregulares pero son casi todos los que yo te he puesto en las frases que no acaban en ed . y luego pues algo como 2 days ago o algo asi , la frase quedaria asi : You played in the park .
Oraciones en presente perfectoI haven’t fried your sausages.Your boss has never resigned.Israel hasn’t invested in Iraq.You haven’t underlined the text.Has he thrown the rice away?Have you washed your clothes?Have they washed the car?Has your boss rested?The baby hasn’t cried tonight.She hasn’t walked today.I haven’t called you
for a long time.
Have your parents invested a lot of money?Have you closed the
door correctly?
Has he created a new world?Have you seen your face recently?